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A lot of cyclists are always looking for that next challenge. Either the next 1 day cycle sportif, or a multi day tour in the mountains. You may have ridden in the Pyrenees and then through the Alps, maybe around Corsica or across the Dolomites. These are all fantastic places to tour and challenge yourself […]

Is a Cycling Holiday for 2019 in your calendar? It can be difficult choosing you cycling holiday and sometimes just the description of a cycling tour will sew doubt in your ability and enjoyment of this type of holiday. But trust me!, everyone is thinking the same and once you are in the saddle on […]

activity holidays France - Packing your bike

If you are looking for that perfect cycling holiday in the perfect setting and you have waited all year to climb that famous Col and then, your chain snaps, or your brakes fail or you just grind up the first slope worried that all that winter training has gone to waste. Your bike is needs […]

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What is a Supported Cycling Holiday? The popularity of cycling has grown so much in the last few years that many of us are now venturing out of our comfort zone and arranging whole holidays in locations such as the French Pyrenees, the Alps, Corsica or even the Dolomites. Whilst a few of us are […]

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Two weeks lazing on a hot, sunny beach can be a great way to escape the rat race and recharge your batteries, but if you’re used to being active, you could soon find yourself getting twitchy and books do not last forever. The Pyrenees offer some of the most spectacular vistas in Europe, with stunning scenery […]

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This is the start of the Pyrenees Multisport cycling blog and the best starting point for this regular publication or the “Grand Départ” is a few notes on what to expect when you first ride on the roads of rural France. Cycling Etiquette in France It can be a shock to the system when cars […]