Giro Dolomiti

Tour of the Dolomites

The Giro Dolomiti is our very own multibase cycling tour that takes in the most famous climbs of the Giro D’Italia. After a short transfer from Venice to the first base in Alleghe the riding starts with a short afternoon warm up. There are two more stages based from here before the tour heads to Bolzano for the night and then onto Bormio via the highest of them all, the Stelvio on the Queens stage of the tour.

This is a fully supported tour with custom built vehicles and guide so open to all abilities, you can ride as much as you like.


Day 1 - Airport Transfers to Alleghe [Passo Falzarego]

Once you have settled into the hotel and we have built up the bikes we will head out for the short warm up ride over the Passo Falzarego. This is an out and back route with a little loop in the middle to mix things up.

Passo Falzarego

50 Km (1,718m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo Falzarego (2,117m)

Day 2 - Alleghe [Passo Giau]

We head down the valley to the town of Agordo before we head back up into the mountains to tackle the Passo Duran and then step up each time over the Forcella Staulanza and the Giau. The final climb you did yesterday but this time a different perspective and a coffee at the top of the Falzarego.

Passo Giau

116 Km (4,264m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo Duran (1,601m), Forcella Staulanza (1,773m), Passo Giau (2,236m), Passo Falzarego (2,117m)

Day 3 - Alleghe [Passo Sella]

We head up the valley today taking in 4 more new climbs but coming down your favorite, the Falzarego. All the summits are above the 2000m marker so keep sucking up that oxygen. The Pordoi is first on the menu with the Sella next only 1 metre higher. We head downwards to the Gardena and up again for the Valparola.

Passo Sella

108.5 Km (3,536m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo Pordoi (2,239m), Passo Sella (2,240m), Passo Gardena (2,137m), Passo Valparola (2,168m)

Day 4 - Alleghe to Bolzano

We leave the town of Alleghe today as we head over to Bolzano. Passo Fedaia is first on the list today and the Costalunga is just over half way through the day so we will stop for coffee and lunch along the way.

Alleghe to Bolzano

90.2 Km (2,449m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo Dedaia (2,054m), Passo Costalunga (1,745m)

Day 5 - Bolzano to Prato Allo Stelvio

Climbs are relatively tiny today with Mendola and Palade being under 1600m but still worthy of the lunch at the top. The final ride up towards the start of the Stelvio will be noticeable but luckily the views are stunning and the path smooth.

Bolzano to Prato Allo Stelvio

124.5 Km (3,037m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo Mendola (1,372m), Passo Palade (1,518m)

Day 6 - Prato Allo Stelvio to Bormio

Today is the big one. The Stelvio is so iconic that we thought we would only ride it today. Use the afternoon to wander the streets of Bormio and get some rest.

Prato Allo Stelvio to Bormio

49.9 Km (1,905m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo Dello Stelio (2,758m)

Day 7 - Bormio [Mortirolo & Gavia]

Two more iconic climbs and one of the steepest anywhere but totally enjoyable. The Mortirolo is first followed closely by the Gavia.

Mortirolo & Gavia

112.1 Km (3,255m of climbing)

Climb Highlights

Passo di Mortirolo (1,852m), Passo Gavia (2,652m)

Day 8 - Transfer to Milan

Book your flights for the afternoon as we transfer you from Bormio to Milan first thing after breakfast.

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  • Rose Carbon XEON CSL2000
  • Shimano 105 Compact Crankset