Sports nutrition

To get the most from any activity holiday, attention to nutrition is essential. Cycling in the Pyrenees for your vacation is a great way to enjoy your free time and experience the thrill of classic cycling routes but it is important to ensure you are getting enough nutrients from your diet to allow you to get the most from your cycling experience. Cycling in mountainous regions requires a good level of fitness and having the right nutrition is a huge part of this, a good diet can give you a massive performance boost.

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Cycling Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is vital for a successful cycling tour. We sell the full range of Torq Sports Nutrition at our centre in Luscan. We also take a wide range of products on all our Pyrenees Cycling Grand Tours so you can purchase when you get to your Tour arrival hotel and saving you space and weight in your luggage. The team at Pyrenees Multisport will support you throughout your tour, giving advice on nutrition were needed and we can also give help and advice before you arrive to ensure your body is in perfect condition to have a successful and memorable holiday.

Check out the Torq Nutrition website for all the details of the products.