Two weeks lazing on a hot, sunny beach can be a great way to escape the rat race and recharge your batteries, but if you’re used to being active, you could soon find yourself getting twitchy and books do not last forever.

The Pyrenees offer some of the most spectacular vistas in Europe, with stunning scenery and challenging rides which allow you to discover for yourself some of the ascents experienced by riders on the Tour de France.

If you dare to be different and choose to explore the Pyrenees on your saddle, here’s a closer look at what you can expect.

Combination of rides

The Pyrenees will challenge and inspire you to reach – quite literally! – New heights on your bike, with incredible panoramic views awaiting you at each summit and the odd café or two.

There are some lung-busting climbs which will force you to test your fitness to the max as you push upwards on some of the steeper mountain gradients. The satisfaction, however, at achieving your goal, and following in the cycle tracks of some of the Tour de France’s greatest riders, is impossible to describe.

But although there are a number of extremely challenging routes, there are some more gentle road riding routes too, ideal for recovery days when you just want to take in some of the sights without exerting yourself too heavily.

In general, the country roads in the Pyrenees have beautiful smooth surfaces making them ideally suited for cyclists. So whether you want an exhilarating climb to the top and beyond, or just an easy day’s riding through gently rolling landscapes, you’ll find very little traffic and peaceful roads awaiting you.

A rewarding holiday for all of the family

A great aspect of cycling holidays is there is something for the entire family. Whether you have toddlers or elderly family members routes can be adopted to suit all stages of life.

Tackling the variety of challenges faced by a cycling holiday is extremely rewarding, especially in those last few kilometres of your trip! Family members and friends can return home with a real sense of achievement and memories / photographs to last a lifetime.

A cycling holiday is also a chance to improve your health, a holiday experience where you’re likely to lose weight rather than gain weight. For those who love to keep active it’s a world apart from sitting round a pool, it fuels your love for life, gets your adrenaline pumping and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything!

Why the Pyrenees is such a great place to holiday

Straddling France, Spain and Andorra whether you’re on or off the saddle the Pyrenees has much to offer to holiday makers. A Pyrenean holiday provides a classic opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle that everyday life brings.

A place of contrasts a trip to the Pyrenees offers lakes, mountains, ancient village experiences and the opportunity to visit ancient volcanoes. Particularly impressive are the breath-taking views provided in the mountain passes.

The Pyrenees bustles with ski resorts and there’s also the opportunity to visit National Parks like the Pyrenees National Park in France or Posets-Maladeta Natural Park in Spain. Here there’s a wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna to observe which in many cases is unique to the region.

For cycling enthusiasts there is also many walking/hiking routes through the Pyrenees. Why not combine the two passions and enjoy a holiday with both?

An activity holiday cycling in the Pyrenees will offer you a very different experience than a fortnight on the beach, but will be relaxing in a very unique way. The chance to really stretch your legs and flex your cycling muscles in some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world is an opportunity that simply shouldn’t be ignored.

For an incredible cycling experience in the Pyrenees contact us today to find the perfect activity holiday for you.

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