What is a Supported Cycling Holiday?

The popularity of cycling has grown so much in the last few years that many of us are now venturing out of our comfort zone and arranging whole holidays in locations such as the French Pyrenees, the Alps, Corsica or even the Dolomites. Whilst a few of us are content and physically equipped to grab a bike and a map and set out alone across foreign terrain, many others want to make sure they get the full cycling experience and don’t miss a thing.

Whether it’s following in the tracks of the Tour de France cyclists or setting out somewhere completely new, opting for a supported cycling holiday has numerous benefits.

You can find a cycling holiday that is tailor made for your needs and dreams – that includes more challenging routes that when supported become a lot more feasible than being on your own. You get support from knowledgeable guides who can make sure you stay safe and can cope with any problems that may occur and also know the best cafés on route. With a tour guide you get all the things you need incorporated such as luggage transfers, hotel bookings and even the bike itself. Most importantly you get your very own motivation squad from the support crew, it is not just the coffee, tea, biscuits and jelly babies, you get the inspiration to go all the way.

What to Expect on a Supported Cycling Holiday

There are plenty of companies that now offer a great cycling experience along winding roads and in almost every exotic location on the planet where you can take a bike. The trick to choosing the right cycling holiday is finding the company that has the passion, the experience and the attitude to support your riding through the good the bad and the “out of this world” feeling of completing each day. What you thought would be impossible is totally achievable and with support you will make it.

Most companies offer either standard tours where a number of people join in and which are specifically designed for different grades of ability or experience. Many are also now producing tailor made routes within a tour where you can pick and choose the routes you’d want to try. The experience of the guides will allow you to challenge your level of fitness and skill set without the pressure and worry of keeping up or slowing others down.

For cyclists who are venturing out into a strange country for the first time, probably one of the primary things you need to cover are accommodation and food. You don’t want to take on a hard day’s cycling and then have to hunt around for somewhere to sleep and, just as importantly, something to eat. Most supported cycling holidays will have accommodation and food included and will also provide sustenance during the day’s bike ride.

Quite a few riders like to take their own bike with them, especially if they are travelling to a location in Europe like the French Pyrenees or in Italy’sDolomite mountains. Others prefer to hire the bikes when they get to their destination and companies that provide guided tours generally have a good stock available at each destination.

Assuming the route allows access, then your supported cycle tour will include a vehicle to carry your luggage, with emergency provisions and a first aid kit, as well as giving you the chance to jump aboard if the day’s cycling becomes too much.

Book with Pyrenees Multisport

At Pyrenees Multi Sport we offer a huge range of options if you are planning your cycling holiday in the Pyrenees, Alps, Corsica or the Dolomites. The trick to choosing the right cycling holiday is having an awareness of your own ability but do not limit yourself, our tours are achievable by anyone willing to give it a go . As we are experienced cyclists ourselves we are happy to offer advice on which cycling holiday would suit you so contact us today to find your perfect holiday in the France.

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