We have a range of Bicycling Tours tours that take in the mountains of the Pyrenees, the Alps and Corsica.  Our tours are either based at our centre in Luscan in the heart of the Pyrenees or they can be point to point multi base tours like our Grand Tour series (Raid Pyrenean, Raid Alpine and Tour de Corse).  The Grand Tours follow the officially recognized routes that if completed, qualify for the Brevet & Certificate. All our tours are made up of a maximum group size of 16 riders and the ability will range from your average cycle tourist to hardened racer.  All abilities are catered for and we believe that no one should pressurize someone to speed up or in fact slow down.  After 6 years of organising, riding and supporting our tours we are confident everyone will find their own pace.  This is normally within a small group of like minded riders that form over the first few days.

Our tours can be seen in greater detail on the right hand side of this page.  The Tour details provide information on the dates, tour duration, start & finishing airports and also the difficulty.  The “cog” system is purely a guide and if you feel confident about riding multiple days and get out on your bike a few times a week then you will be able to complete our tours with no problem at all.  Most people will say that they ride themselves fit over the week and this is very true indeed.

This is what you can expect from our cycling tours

  • Airport Transfers (including your bike)
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfasts and Evening Meals
  • Mechanical support (when building your bikes and throughout the tour)
  • Full bicycling tour briefing at the welcome meal
  • Road Book – details of the tour
  • Daily Route Card – details of the stage (GPS Files also available)
  • Entry for the official Brevet (The Grand Tours)
  • Experienced Guides
  • Vehicle Support
  • Luggage & Bike box transfer
  • Snacks, Hot & Cold Drinks on the road

All our cycling tours include everything you need for a fantastic time away riding your bike. No need to worry about getting lost or falling behind, you will be well looked after with full support all the way.

Choosing your Bicycling Tours

  • Choose your preferred dates
  • Check if one of our tours matches your dates (if you are a group we can arrange this)
  • Do you like a centre or multi base tour (settling into a room for the week or packing up each day)
  • Check that the tour suits your ability or holiday goal e.g. The Pyrenean Traverse is slightly more relaxed than the Raid Pyrenean
  • Are you interested in the official medal routes (you can use our Grand Tours to tick off the brevets each year)


2021 Tours & Camps



12th to 15th March 2021

We are hosting this great trail running weekend.  Head over to Karen's site to fill in the contact form for more information.  Great way to experience the stunning Pyrenean trails as well as take part in the Toulouse parkrun. More


23rd to 30th May 2021

As part of our Grand Tour portfolio this circumnavigation of Corsica is a breathtaking tour taking in the most beautiful and quiet roads any cyclist can wish for. More


12th to 19th June 2021

Join us on our slightly relaxed version of the Raid Pyrenean. A one week holiday that takes you from Hendaye on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. More


26th to 3rd July 2021

The Basque Country is legendary for its tiny roads much-publicised by the Pro race held each April in this region, the Vuelta al País Vasco. More



12th to 18th July 2021

Our 2021 Tour de France special is now confirmed. This is a friendly low key tour based from our centre in the heart of the French Pyrenees. More



21st August to 2nd September 2021

The Cent Cols Club is a very small privileged group of cyclists who have completed the requirements of the “Randonnée Permanente”... More



12th to 18th September 2021

Join us on our official version of the Raid Pyrenean. A 100 Hour Challenge that takes you from Hendaye on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. More



19th to 26th September 2021

A relaxing cycling tour to introduce you to this fantastic Mediterranean Island.  Quiet roads and spectacular terrain, changing each day on this diverse route around Corsica. More


2nd to 8th October 2021

Join us on our official version of the Raid Pyrenean. A 100 Hour Challenge that takes you from Hendaye on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. More


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